About Me

I am…

I can be reached via:

  • Email: junde [at] yhi [dot] moe
  • Telegram: @jundeyhi
  • Discord: junde.yhi
  • IRC: yhi@irc.libera.chat (usually offline, please use MemoServ)
  • Post:

    Junde Yhi
    Unit 105216
    PO Box 7169
    BH15 9EL

I can also be found on…


  • D3B1 90D6 6FF1 DD50 9F83 D71A 385F 41A9 1FE0 82D1 (in use)
  • E6C7 4782 A1FB EE74 1D09 885F D274 286F 672C 800A (almost dead)
    • I sadly forget the passphrase to unlock the LUKS partition storing its master key and revocation certificate…
  • 42F6 3E9D 68B9 884B 414D 4185 1029 4E7C 4008 E282 (revoked)
    • I sadly forgot the fact that this key was in the PGP Web of Trust Strong Set…

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