I’ve spent about 6 hours to set up this simple blog.


(Picture from Telegram sticker “ARU”.)

So what’s the problem? If you’re also interested in creating your blog on Github Pages, you may take my suggestion into consideration:

Don’t simply follow guidelines on jekyllrb.org

And yes, Github Pages uses a different Jekyll engine. (I mean, the beavior is a bit different.) If you follow those guidelines, Jekyll will works very well on your own machine, but just breaks on Github Pages:

Breaks on Github Pages. These are emails sent by Github.

No you won’t see them in the history of my website repository since I’ve deleted it. So what’s the point to create a Jekyll blog on Github Pages?

Simply follow guidelines on github.com

Use this: https://help.github.com/articles/setting-up-your-github-pages-site-locally-with-jekyll/

This will create the best experience for you both on your local machine and Github Pages. LOL Github just make things easier…

(Well of course I might have done something wrong during my first operation… but Github’s way is really easier.)