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  • Postcard Issue 1 - "Here"

    My very first issue of postcard featuring my own photograph has finally been printed and delivered to me!

  • Handcrafting A Multi-boot USB Drive

    Building a multi-purpose USB thumb drive is like forging a swiss knife that suits one’s need when in unusual situations, e.g. maintaining computers, recovering bootloader, rescuing data. In this blog post, I’d like to describe my recent design implemented on my USB drive.

  • Optimising NVMe Storages

    TL;DR: Change the LBA format to an optimal one (usually with a block size of 4KiB).

  • How to Disable the Interactive UI Introduction in GNOME Glade

    TL;DR Add the following lines in your ~/.config/glade.conf:

  • Customizing Coreboot on a ThinkPad X200 - 01: Background

    Last summer I bought a ThinkPad X200 with the help of Jeff Bai. Since then I have been performing many firmware experiments (i.e. flashing and testing Coreboot) on it, and now I think it’s time to note down all my experiences, in the hope that people like you can benefit from them.

  • A Fundamental Guide to Linux

    Note: This article is originally written for my classmates attending COMP4163 Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

  • NETGEAR(R) ProSafe(R) GS105E Ethernet Switch Review

    About several months ago I was considering buying a new gigabit ethernet switch that has 5 ports (so it’s small enough to fit even on my desk). I already had an unmanaged switch at that time – a TP-LINK TL-SG1005D, 5-port gigabit ethernet switch, but as I was planning to put some devices in the lab, I need another switch to allow more devices get connected to the same network. I searched for gigabit switches on Taobao, and at some time this NETGEAR GS105E switch appears in my eye.

  • Controlling GTK Widgets on GtkStack Page Switch

    TL;DR: Connect callbacks to the signal GtkWidget::map of the stack children.

  • Asynchronous GUI Update in GTK

    TL;DR: gdk_threads_add_idle() / gdk_threads_add_timeout()

  • Controlling All Widgets in GTK Callbacks With GtkBuilder

    TL;DR: gtk_builder_connect_signals(builder, builder)

  • LFS on MIPS64 全过程笔录

    Update 20191222: 咕咕咕!关于 MIPS 我 2019 年什么都没有做,而且短时间内可能也不会做。以下关于发行版配置的内容已经过时,现在我的想法又不同了,所以就当个 LFS 踩坑记录参考吧。先做些备注以免误导大众。

  • Preventing Windows From Modifying Your UEFI Boot Sequence

    TL;DR: Set Windows Boot Manager entry to inactive.

  • Connecting a CW Keyer to a Computer Using an Arduino Leonardo

    Recently I take an interest in the amateur radio sports and I have been planning to get a license from CRAC for a month. Few days ago I bought a CW keyer (although I will not have the chance to operate on SW before I got the B license), but had no idea how to connect it to a computer.

  • Can ?: Be an Lvalue in C or Not?

    TL;DR: ?: cannot be an lvalue in C, but it can be an lvalue in C++.

  • Tor 实践

    Tor 在这里*无论是直连还是接网桥都是已经做不到的了,尽管 Tor 的开发者一再声称 Tor 所使用的网桥协议 obfs4 可以躲避任何侦测手段,然而因为实现上的小缺陷(而不是协议本身,协议是完美的1)现在墙也可以侦测到 obfs4 流量并进行拦截了,所以现在一个通行的办法是用 Shadowsocks 先穿出去,然后让 Tor 走 Shadowsocks 来连接洋葱网络。

    1. 盖子这么说的。 

  • LFS on MIPS64 笔记

    Update: 修订于 2018-12-23 / 2019-1-5,第二次 AOSC OS MIPS Port Bootstrap。

  • 如何优雅地使用 PMON 2000

    PMON2000(以下简称 PMON)是一种类似于 BIOS,UEFI 的全功能固件,除了在加电的时候初始化整个电脑,它也可以作为 Bootloader 以及 Debugger,主要应用在嵌入式平台上,然而实际上除了龙芯一家子并没有什么平台使用 PMON。

  • 关于 Yubikey 4 的一些玄学

    大概在两个月前自行入了一枚 Yubikey 4,本来想着就是当 OpenPGP CardU2F 用的,结果发现 Yubikey 4 的各种功能和用法简直是魔幻般的玄学。网上的一些长者的人生经验,包括官方钦定的文档,好像都没怎么系统地讲清楚 Yubikey 4 的功能,这里我想把我两个月来折腾的心得分享一下。

  • My GnuPG Configuration

    GnuPG (GPG in short) is a well-known cryptographic utility that enables you to encrypt and sign stuff using strong cryptographic methods (RSA, DSA, ECC, etc). GnuPG is also highly-configurable – that means you can modify its behavior easily. Here I want to share my configuration of GnuPG to you.

  • 如何在单台服务器上可靠地部署 ownCloud

    ownCloud 是一个知名的私有云解决方案,其功能不仅有基础云计算中的云存储,还能进行生活方面的管理(譬如日历、联系人、待办事项等)。关于 ownCloud 的更详细介绍,可以访问其官网,在此我就不再赘述。

  • How to Setup Jekyll Correctly on Github Pages

    I’ve spent about 6 hours to set up this simple blog.